CIF – Champions Indoor Football



CIF Standings
North Overall Conference
Sioux City Bandits 8 3 .727 613 452 8 2 .800 570 396
Salina Liberty 8 3 .727 530 442 4 3 .571 395 364
QC Steamwheelers 7 4 .636 548 485 6 3 .667 444 389
Bismark Bucks 5 6 .455 526 617 4 8 .333 526 617
Omaha Beef 4 8 .455 526 617 4 8 .333 526 617
KC Phantoms 3 8 .273 518 679 2 8 .200 477 651
South Overall Conference
Duke City Gladiators 9 2 .818 564 384 9 2 .818 564 384
Amarillo Venom 8 3 .727 568 445 7 3 .700 500 390
Texas Revolution 4 7 .364 351 404 4 5 .444 296 333
Wichita Force 4 7 .364 441 502 1 4 .200 206 252
Dallas Marshalls FOLDED 1 5 .167 192 393 1 4 .200 176 331

2018 CIF Schedule

The Champions Indoor Football league is proud to announce their regular season schedule for the 2018 campaign. Twelve games will be played by each of the eleven teams for a total of 132 contests being played between March and early June. 

With 11 teams on board for the upcoming season, there have been two conferences established. 

The Northern Conference will consist of Sioux City, Omaha, Salina, Bismarck, Kansas City & Quad Cities. The Southern Conference will consist of Texas, Wichita, Amarillo, Duke City & Dallas.

based on last years results, games in bold should be the best games of the week

Week 1 Weekend March 3rd

Wichita at Salina

Texas at Dallas

Week 2 Weekend March 10th

Salina at Omaha

Kansas City at Bismarck

Wichita at Dallas

Week 3 Weekend March 17th

Quad Cities at Sioux City

Bismarck at Salina

Omaha at Kansas City

Duke City at Texas

Dallas at Amarillo

Week 4 Weekend March 24th

Sioux City at Omaha

Bismarck at Quad Cities

Texas at Amarillo

Wichita at Duke City

Salina at Dallas

Week 5 Weekend March 31st

Sioux City at Bismarck

Kansas City at Quad Cities

Amarillo at Wichita

Dallas at Duke City

Week 6 Weekend April 7th

Kansas City at Sioux City

Dallas at Salina

Omaha at Bismarck

Wichita at Texas

Amarillo at Duke City

Week 7 Weekend April 14th

Omaha at Salina

Quad Cities at Kansas City

Sioux City at Wichita

Texas at Duke City

Amarillo at Dallas

Week 8 Weekend April 21st

Kansas City at Omaha

Salina at Bismarck

Sioux City at Quad Cities

Dallas at Texas

Duke City at Amarillo

Week 9 Weekend April 28th

Salina at Sioux City

Quad Cities at Omaha

Bismarck at Kansas City

Wichita at Amarillo

Duke City at Dallas

Week 10 Weekend May 5th

Omaha at Sioux City

Kansas City at Salina

Quad Cities at Bismarck

Duke City at Wichita

Texas at Dallas

Week 11 Weekend May 12th

Kansas City at Sioux City

Omaha at Bismarck

Wichita at Quad Cities

Amarillo at Texas

Week 12 Weekend May 19th

Omaha at Quad Cities

   Duke City at Texas

Bismarck at Wichita

Dallas at Amarillo

Week 13 Weekend May 26th

Sioux City at Omaha

Quad Cities at Salina

Texas at Kansas City

Amarillo at Duke City

Week 14 Weekend June 2nd

Sioux City at Omaha

Salina at Wichita

Quad Cities at Amarillo

Texas at Duke City

Week 15 Weekend June 9th

Bismarck at Sioux City

Salina at Kansas City

Dallas at Quad Cities

Amarillo at Texas

Duke City at Wichita


CIF Wins lawsuit vs. bloomington & w. Michigan

The Edge & Ironmen are likely to go dark for 2018, or fold




“This ruling is a landmark for the sport and industry in that it validates the legality and importance of League Affiliation Agreements to professional sports leagues,”

CIF Commissioner Ricky Bertz

A district court in Woodbury County, Iowa, ruled in favor of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League (the "CIF") in a lawsuit against two franchises, the Bloomington Edge and the West Michigan Ironmen. The Court ruled that the teams breached their League Affiliation Agreements with the CIF by announcing their intent to play in a rival league, the Indoor Football League ("IFL"), during the 2018 season.

District Court Judge Patrick Tott agreed in a decision handed down on January 30, 2018, that the West Michigan Ironmen and the Bloomington Edge cannot compete in the 2018 IFL season.

Both Bloomington and West Michigan signed contracts in July 2017 agreeing to play in the CIF, and no other league, for the 2018 season. Two months later, on September 12, 2017, both owners of the Bloomington Edge and West Michigan Ironmen informed the CIF that they would not be fielding teams in the CIF for the upcoming season. The following day, the IFL announced it had signed both teams as new league members.

On September 15, 2017, the CIF notified the teams, that they were in violation of their League Affiliation Agreements and issued cease and desist letters reminding them that they are not allowed to play in any other indoor football league in the 2018 season. The CIF cautioned the teams that they should not sell tickets, advertisements, or sponsorships for the 2018 IFL season or may face claims by people who may receive no value for their payments. The CIF notified Bloomington and West Michigan that if they continued their course of action, the CIF would enforce its right to prevent them from playing in 2018.  

The IFL, the Bloomington Edge, and West Michigan Ironmen ignored the CIF’s warnings. On November 13, 2017, the IFL released its 2018 league schedule with both teams listed on the schedule. As a result, the CIF filed a lawsuit to enjoin Bloomington's and West Michigan's clear violations of their League Affiliation Agreements. The resulting actions culminated in a contested, day-long evidentiary hearing on January 16, 2018, when both sides presented their case to Judge Tott.

After hearing arguments and reviewing the evidence, Judge Tott prepared a detailed thirty-nine-page opinion ruling in favor of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.  Judge Tott found:

  • "…the evidence is clear that both of the Defendants have breached Paragraph 2.3’s noncompetition provisions."
  • "The evidence clearly shows that the owner of the Arizona Rattlers of the IFL has basically offered significant bribes to members of the CIF to switch leagues despite the existence of the non-competition provisions."
  • "Likewise, the IFL could have avoided any havoc to their schedule and fans by not bribing the Defendants to breach their non-compete agreements with the CIF and enter the IFL in 2018 and risk being prevented from playing in either league."
  • "A sports league cannot survive without a commitment from its member teams that they will honor their obligations to the league."
  • "[I]f the CIF loses the ability to enforce the non-competition provision there will be nothing to stop any team in the future from leaving the league at any time, whether they have signed an LAA or not, which without a doubt puts the viability of the entire league at jeopardy going forward."


“This ruling is a landmark for the sport and industry in that it validates the legality and importance of League Affiliation Agreements to professional sports leagues,” CIF Commissioner Ricky Bertz said. This was a milestone for not only the CIF but all teams and leagues. I have received phone calls from other league commissioners offering their support and assistance as this was a potential situation that could have easily been duplicated for them. It is reassuring knowing that we were doing the right thing despite the difficult circumstances."

“Sadly, in the end, it is the fans, players, coaches, and communities that pay the ultimate price as they go without a team to call their own. It was a difficult decision for us to pursue given that potential outcome if we were victorious, however, team owners invest and risk hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly in this business venture. The CIF felt that to protect those investments, in addition to protecting the long-term interests of fans, players, coaches, etc. in their own communities, we had no choice but to pursue legal action. In the end, because of actions of others, the CIF has lost four teams for the 2018 season with several of those markets no longer having teams. We simply had to do what was right. As we look ahead, we are planning to move forward with our 2018 season, which we are extremely excited about, and hopefully will be announcing our first expansion team within two months.”


23 June 2017

Texas defeats Omaha to take home the 2017 CIF Championship Trophy

The Texas Revolution, scored on every possession to defeat the Amarillo Venom qualifying them for the CIF Championship game. The Revolution were heavily favored coming into the big game against the North Conference Champion, Omaha Beef. The Beef defeated their conference top seed, The Sioux City Bandits, on the road to gain their berth in the title game. The Nebraska team came into the game with a better defense than the Venom, Texas's last opponent, but their offense would need to score in bunches to keep up with the league’s top offense.  

As expected the Revolution, led by IFL Hall of Fame QB Chris Dixon came out of the tunnel on fire. They jumped out to an early 13-0 lead on a Dixon to Clinton Solomon touchdown pass and a QB keeper. Before the end of the first quarter, The Beef would get on the board with a Travis Ribbing TD run to narrow the lead to 6. That was the closest they’d come all night. The Revs, playing at home on their familiar red carpet, continued to build their lead and finished the first half up by 18 points. By the end of the third quarter, Texas had extended their lead to 24 points and by the middle of the fourth their lead was 30. The Omaha offense finally got on track during the fourth quarter, coming back to within 10 points, but it wasn’t enough. Omaha quarterback Anthony Iannotti finished his night with 3 TDs, 2 on the ground and one passing. Unfortunately, he also threw two interceptions as well as losing the ball on a fumble on the Texas 2-yard line. Omaha Running Back Travis Ribbing contributed 3 TDs to the losing cause. On the Texas side of the ledger, Chris Dixon finished his night with 8 TDs 6 through the air and 2 rushing. WR Kurt Solomon was on the receiving end of 3 of them with Reece, Dyer, and Fudge hauling in one apiece. The final score was the Texas Revolution 59 and the Omaha Beef 49.