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Our website is dedicated to bringing you the best, most up to date arena/indoor football news from all around the country.  We present honest journalism, and original interviews with the most important people in the game.  We cover every league from developmental all the way up to the IFL, AAL, CIF, NAL, & AFL.   

Elle Luster

As the owner, publisher, Chief Web Designer, and CFO of our site, Elle is able to lead our insiders to success. Thanks to her leadership we are able to continuously bring you the latest and greatest football information.

Owner and Publisher
Chief financial officer
Chief Web Designer

Contact Elle: afinsiderinfo@gmail.com or call 844-422-8944

Jay Luster

Submissions and Copy Editor

As an arts, entertainment, and sports journalist, Jay Luster has written for many publications. Over the years his interviews, and features, have appeared on the cover of Rock Thiz Magazine, The Pulse Magazine, Rock n Roll Industries Magazine, Divulge, and City to Country Magazine. Among his credits are Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Actor Michael Madsen, and Captain Jonathan Hillstrand from the reality TV show The Deadliest Catch.

He was fortunate enough to spend one fantastic year covering the inaugural season of The LA Kiss. During the Kiss experience he interviewed players and team officials including Head Coach Bob McMillen, and Managing Partner Brett Bouchy. Unlike AMC's First and Loud, which was a reality TV show purposely edited to increase the drama for entertainment purposes, Jay approached each interview with an eye towards fairness and human reality.

Already a season ticket holder of the (now defunct) Richmond Raiders, covering LA made him an even more passionate fan. Now he's bringing his passion to the website with unique interviews and articles about the players, owners, coaches, and business of arena/indoor football. 

Contact Jay: 844-422-8944 or afinsidersubmissions@gmail.com

Some of Jay's Covers